“PROMOTE MADE IN INDIA PRODUCTS” Urges Indian Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Covid-19 Pandemic has really impacted the economy, and people belonging to different financial backgrounds are also facing its repercussions. It has mostly affected the laborers, daily wage workers, and the homegrown Indian brands, also the local sellers. People are now taking a stand to promote small brands and local sellers selling Indian products.

Indian Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has stepped up to voice his opinion on the same promoting Indian products. In his latest Instagram Post, The designer has been vocal about giving more opportunities and power to the Indian industries like fashion, food, entertainment, and travel.

In an Instagram post, the Kolkata-based fashion designer advocated for giving power to Indian Grassroot industries like travel, food, architecture, clothing, and entertainment.

He Said that about how the ‘people at the top’ need to realise that if the ‘bottom topples’, ‘everyone, including them, will come crashing down’.

‘To maintain and celebrate our heritage , we must buy indian products and promote indian brands’ the designer said in his instagram 

His instagram post which states to promote the indian brands and  has got several mixed reactions from his followers and users on instagram. 

Some Agreed with his views, stating that ‘it’s high time for this transformation’

Another Instagram user wrote, “Make an affordable clothing range for the average Indian maybe?”

In his Latest session /interview with India Today, the designer spoke extensively about the Indian fashion industry, why he stepped away from fashion shows years ago, what defines luxury for him, how we as consumers will change, and become more conscious after this pandemic and more.

Here’s The Video:

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